Svevind is growing: Become a part of the future and join the team!

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Svevind´s German company “Svevind Energy GmbH” is looking for four new team members. Commercial Manager (Sales) Project Manager (Sales) Engineer (Power2X, Batteries, new technologies) Marketing/Team Assistance for the office in Dresden, Germany. Please visit the full job descriptions www.barongeisler.de/jobs Leave your message directly to Mrs. Anke Baron, BaronGeisler Management GmbH Mail anke.baron@barongeisler.de Phone office: +49 351 [...]

Svevind looking for additional team members

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Svevind AB with the headquarter in Piteå, Sweden looking for three new team members with employment as Paralegal, Project manager and Project developer. Allt three employment offers concern full time work. Redan more and apply on Arbetsförmedlingen (info only in Swedish). Click on links below. PARALEGAL PROJECT MANAGER PROJECT DEVELOPER

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