Welcome to Svevind

Svevind is a privately owned group of companies in the renewable energy industry, based in Weißenbrunn (Germany), Piteå (Northern Sweden), Dresden (Germany) and Almaty (Kazakhstan). The Svevind group plans, develops, designs, sells, and operates onshore wind power and solar PV as well as green hydrogen projects. The projects vary in size and scope from single turbines to farms of 1,101* turbines and up to Gigawatt-scale green hydrogen projects. Svevind’s largest project to date is located in Markbygden in the municipality of Piteå. It is expected to become one of the largest wind farms in Europe, and perhaps the world. Total production is expected to be up to 12 TWh.

What is our main focus at Svevind?

Svevind wants to help to combat global warming and make Sweden self-sufficient in terms of renewable energy. Our focus is wind power – a source of energy with very good future prospects which does not leave an environmental debt for future generations to repay.

  • Svevind will be a stable and reputable player in the energy industry.
  • Our projects will benefit local areas and ensure their long-term development.

• Svevind identifies suitable locations with regard to favourable wind conditions, grid connection capacities, the absence of conflicting interests and rural development opportunities.
• The design of the wind farm is then planned and the documentation produced for the permit application. The investigative work is carried out in consultation with individuals, organisations, consultants and public authorities. Svevind works with consultants, who are specialists in wind calculations, planning, project design, consultations and environmental impact descriptions.
• Once the project descriptions and environmental impact assessments are complete, the permit application or building notification is submitted. Svevind AB establishes a subsidiary for the project, which is then responsible for project planning. Construction and ownership may also be through Svevind AB’s subsidiaries.
• Once the wind farm has been approved, Svevind AB or the relevant subsidiary may sell all or part of the project, or retain it for its own construction and operation.



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You have the chance to help shape the future of renewable electricity generation by being a part of the transition of Sweden’s energy system to renewable alternatives.

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