Storuman’s municipality’s subsidiary ILC (Industri- och logistikcentrum AB) has written a letter of intent with Svevind, where Svevind and ILC intend to be able to establish a production plant for hydrogen at NLC Storumanterminalen. The energy for hydrogen production will be delivered from windpower planned by Svevind.

– In Storuman municipality, large volumes of renewable energy have been produced for a long time. The advantage of the intended establishment is that in this case the energy will be further refined on site. It gives a different effect in the local community, not least in the form of a strong business community and a broadened labor market, says Tomas Mörtsell, chairman of the municipal board in Storuman municipality and chairman of ILC.

– This investment is right in time with the transition to a fossil-free society in mind. The industry in northern Sweden demands hydrogen in the transition to fossil-free production, Tomas Mörtsell continues.

Wolfgang Kropp, CEO of the SVEVIND group, welcomes the investment in Storuman and sees synergy effects with Europe’s largest wind project, Markbygden 1101 outside Piteå.

– I am proud that we have reached so far in our work that aims at green transition, but much more needs to be done. In our 1101 project, we have for a year now passed the historic milestone of more than 1,000 Megawatt (1GW) capacity and are on our way to the final goal of 3.5 GW, says Wolfgang Kropp.

– Now, with the experience behind us, we can safely move on to the next project in Northern Sweden. From the European horizon, we can feel great admiration for the industrial expansion that is currently taking place in Northern Sweden and which we saw coming almost 20 years ago and therefore the Storuman project will be an essential solution for the continued development in Northern Sweden, Wolfgang Kropp continues.

– The letter of intent that has been signed is an important milestone in the work of developing Storuman as a logistics node for northern Sweden and all the industrial investments that are taking place. At the same time, it is important to remember that we are only at the beginning of the work of establishment. There is a lot of work left with the permit process, in that work the dialogue with the citizens of the municipality will be a very important part, says Tomas Mörtsell.