Corona – information for you who intend to visit us

At Svevind, we take the spread of the Corona virus, covid-19, very seriously. We therefore apply a high level of safety thinking to prevent the spread of infection with regard to and care for our employees, visitors and all other people in our society.

We act on the recommendations given by organizations, which are continuously updated as needed.

New general advice is required for Norrbotten from 10-11-2020 due to the increased spread of infection.

“Businesses and employers should take measures so that everyone can follow the general advice above. Employers’ measures can be to encourage staff to work from home, offer extended opportunities to work from home, and to postpone business trips, conferences and other physical meetings. Other businesses can minimize the number of visitors at the same time, adjust opening hours and offer digital options.”

Due to this, we do not accept any external visitors. If you want to get in touch with us, you are warmly welcome to call us on (+46) 0911- 40 23 40 or COO Fredrik Bäcklund on  (+46) 070-526 90 55. You can also email us at

The decision is valid until further notice.