Turbines being constructed at Skogberget
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Svevind Solutions AB is a subsidiary owned by Svevind AB and its directors, tasked with maintaining and optimizing wind farms. Asset management is performed of wind farms in Svevind's own portfolio and those of third parties.

For more information about our services please see our presentation: Presentation Svevind Solutions.pdf


Contact details: 

Per Olofsson, COO

Svevind Solutions AB

+46 90 349 44 25


In a perfect world wind turbines would never need maintenance and produce renewable energy without interruptions. However, in reality, someone needs to take care of the turbines when they stop or when something breaks down. This is where Svevind Solutions comes in - we monitor performance of turbines in real time, meaning that technicians can be dispatched as soon as a problem arises.


A big part of the work that Svevind Solutions do it optimizing wind farms, to maximize production of wind turbines. This is done by analyzing data collected from the turbines to see what causes troubles and what solutions, for e.g. preventing icing, works best. To enable a safe and high performance operation, Svevind Solutions equips its wind farms with additional measurement sensors e.g. cameras, temperature sensors inside and outside WEC components.

Svevind Solutions also has a team of developers who develops tools for monitoring, analyzing and tracking issues regarding the wind turbines.