View from Klubbfors, north direction.



200 m
Total Height
1800 MW
Rated Power
5.5 TWh
Estimated Annual Production

* All numbers are estimates that may change in the future as the project progresses towards completion.

Phase 3 is the third, last but potentially the largest part of the overall wind power project in Markbygden, located between the villages of Koler and Långträsk in the western part of the project and Blåsmark to the east within Piteå municipality.

The area of Phase 3 is approximately 33,5 km long and 2,5-6 km wide. The area is about 150 km2 in total. The wind farm of Phase 3 will consist of up to 442 wind turbines with a total height of maximum 200m.

The work to prepare the permit application begun in the fall of 2013. Svevind, supported by Tyréns, Enetjärn natur and Advokatfirman Åberg & Co, prepared an environmental impact assessment (MKB). The permit application was sent to the Environmental impact assessment committee in Norrbottens län in June 2014. The permit was granted on March 17th 2016. The decision of the Environmental impact assessment committee was appealed, after which the Land and Environmental Court announced a decision on the case, with some changes of the previous decision, on June 16th 2017. The decision of the Land and Environmental Court has thereafter been appealed to the Land and Environmental Court of Appeal, which granted permission with certain changes to the terms. The permit has now gained legal force. Click here to read the decision.

Work on planning for construction and power connection continues. 


Map Phase 3
Map Phase 3

Photos of Etapp 3. Click on a photo to enlarge it.

View from Klubbfors, north direction.

View from Klubbfors, north direction.

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Map of Etapp 3.