PUBLISHED 11/02/2019
Markbygden 1101

Markbygden 1101, developed by Swedish developer Svevind, has taken another step towards full realization with the last rotor blade assembly carried out in December 2018. The final installations took place in the sub-project Markbygden Ett (650 MW) acquired by GE EFS and CGN Europe Energy.

By the end of last year, the commissioned parts of the wind farms in the Markbygden cluster had a total capacity of 364 MW and are delivering green, clean and cheap electricity to the Swedish national grid.

The now 122 operational turbines are part of the phase 1 of MARKBYGDEN 1101 which will produce more than 1 TWh per year of electricity, equivalent to the electricity demand of 40,000 Swedish households (consumption 25,000kWh/year). In 2019, additional 161 turbines will be erected and commissioned in the sub-windfarms Markbygden Ett and Ersträsk. With a total capacity of 961 MW by the end of 2019, Markbygden 1101´s phase 1 will deliver more than 3 TWh annually of green electricity.

Once fully realized, the Markbygden 1101 wind farm cluster will have a total capacity of up to 3,400 MW and will produce approx. 10 TWh per year supplying 400,000 Swedish households. This corresponds to approximately 7% of Sweden's total electricity consumption and approximately 1/3 of the total renewable energy targets of Sweden for 2030.

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Fact sheet Markbygden 1101

West of Piteå, in Sweden´s northern county Norrbotten, there is the area of “Markbygden”.

It`s an area with outstanding wind conditions and existing powerful electrical infrastructure, making it the perfect place for wind power production. Since 2013, the local developer SVEVIND establishes Europe´s largest and one of the largest wind farms in the world, with a total of up to 1101 wind turbines.

Number of turbines                                                                                                                           1101

Production fully expanded about                                                                                                 8-10 TWh/year

Share of total electricity generation in Sweden (approx.)                                                           7%

Equivalent to Swedish households (approx.)                                                                              400,000

Project area                                                                                                                                        500 km²

(approx. more than twice as large as Stockholm municipality)

Markbygden 1101 is split into 3 phases, phase 1 to 3.


Sub-projects under construction or operational in Markbygden phase 1: 

Markbygden Ett wind farm (under construction)                                                                                                

Number of turbines                                                                                                                 179

Total height                                                                                                                             200 m

Rotor diameter                                                                                                                        137 m

Hub height                                                                                                                               131 m

Rated power (wind farm)                                                                                                       650 MW

This project has been sold to third parties (GE and GIG) on 7 November 2017. On 30 November 2018 CGN-EE has purchased a 75% stake.

Ersträsk wind farm (under construction)

Number of turbines                                                                                                      up to 77

Total height                                                                                                                   up to 200 m      

Rated power (wind farm)                                                                                                   183 MW

This project has been sold to German turbine manufacturer Enercon in 2015.

Ersträsk wind farm (under construction)

Number of turbines                                                                                                                 36

Total height                                                                                                                             184 m

Rated power (wind farm)                                                                                                       84.6 MW

This project has been sold to German turbine manufacturer Enercon in 2015.

Markbygden phase 2 (up to 440 turbines with up to 1300 MW) has been sold to German turbine manufacturer Enercon in 2015.

Markbygden phase 3 (up to 442 turbines) is fully permitted and in late stage development by Svevind.

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Markbygden 1101

Markbygden 1101

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