PUBLISHED 06/09/2013
Råbäcken 400kV substation

Råbäcken substation - Skogberget no. 1 is visible to the right in the photo.

The 400kV substation Råbäcken that has been built within the frames of the large wind power project Markbygden was successfully connected to the high-voltage grid of Svenska Kraftnät in the beginning of July. The part commissioning was made after an installation period of only 15 months. As the next step, the installation of a first, around 400 tons heavy, 400MVA transformer is planned for in September 2013.

The substation Råbäcken, situated approximately 20 kilometers west of the town Piteå in the North Swedish province of Norrbotten, is the first connection point of the large wind power project Markbygden and will when it’s completed have a total connection output of 1200 MW. The first wind park - Skogberget, with 36 turbines of the type Enercon 92/2,35MW/138m hub height – is currently under construction and will start to be connected to the substation in the end of this year. Further part projects will be constructed in a near future and their produced energy will also be fed in to the 400kV grid through the substation Råbäcken.

The substation is built in a cooperation between Svenska Kraftnät and Markbygden Vind AB who in turn is a joint venture between the Svevind company group (Umeå, Sweden) and Enercon GmbH (Aurich, Germany), on an area of 190 times 210 meters. Constructions started already in March 2012. As turnkey contractor, ABB Substation AB Västerås was hired. In addition to that, a large amount of local companies are involved in the building process.

Background information:

The Svevind company group is developing the large wind power project Markbygden since 2003. In 2008 the Svevind company group and Enercon GmbH started their cooperation in this project through the project development company Markbygden Vind AB. In 2010, the project Markbygden got the admissibility from the Swedish Government to build and operate up to 1101 wind turbines. The whole project is divided into 3 phases. Phase 1, consisting of up to 314 turbines, is fully permitted since December 2011. The first part realizations of phase 1 are the wind parks Skogberget and Ersträsk.

The permit application for phase 2, with up to 440 wind turbines, was handed in to the authorities in March 2013. The permit application for phase 3 is currently under preparation and will be handed in 2014. All 1101 wind turbines should according to current planning be built until 2021.

Fully built, the large wind power project Markbygden can, due to the excellent natural wind conditions, produce up to 12TWh clean energy.

For more information, please contact:

Eva Sjögren, Key Account Manager Markbygden, ENERCON
+46 (0)733-23 53 59
Mikael Kyrk, Operativ Manager, SVEVIND
 +46 (0)90-120 793

Press information

Tomas Riklund , TRAB för Markbygden 1101
+46 (0)70 6751133
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Råbäcken 400kV substation

Råbäcken substation - Skogberget no. 1 is visible to the right in the photo.

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